BIEMH 2022

BIEMH, one of the largest international trade fairs for Machinery, Tools and Advanced Industry, in Bilbao, Spain.


BIEMH - Bilbao International Machine and Tool Industry Trade Fair


Biennial Spanish Machine-tools Fair. In BIEMH the professional visitors belong to the areas of automobile construction, automobile auxiliary, railway equipment, machinery and mechanical equipment, machinery and electrical equipment, dies, tool manufacturing, household appliances, mechanized workshops and boilermaking. The professionals qualified BIEMH as an excellent platform for external projection and consolidation of technological advances and developments.


RICO was present at BIEMH, one of the international trade shows for machinery, tools and advanced industry, in Bilbao, Spain, from June 3rd to 7th, together with its partner Blecken Experts in one of the most prestigious and visited trade shows in the world.


Industry 4.0 has been in the spotlight as it has changed the way companies and businesses of all types operate in markets. It has driven the emergence of the most advanced production and operations techniques with smart technologies being integrated into organizations.


The event was attended by hundreds of companies dedicated to the metalworking industry, machinery and tools, and thousands of professionals in the area, who took the opportunity to see firsthand the great innovations and the constant transformation of the global industry.




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