SIMTOS is the largest international trade show for manufacturing technology in Korea and is the meeting place for leading machine tool manufacturers.


SIMTOS - Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Fair


SIMTOS (Seoul International Machine Tool Show) is held biannually at the Korea International Exhibition Center. It leads the advancement of the global machine tool industry and the machine tool market in Korea. Simtos attracts investors from the automotive industry, shipbuilding, semiconductor, metal molding industry and other sectors where machine tools are being used. Products represented include all types of industrial machines, as well as industrial robots, machine components, measuring instruments, machine controls, etc.


SIMTOS 2022 will showcase the value of data science and engineering with innovative plans such as earlier production and sharing of highly reliable databases, leading to help exhibitors improve connectivity and opportunities, boosting more successful marketing results.


RICO was present at SIMTOS, the 19th International Manufacturing Technology Exhibition in Seoul, South Korea from May 23-27, together with its partner HK Laser & Systems at the largest exhibition in South Korea.

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